Aquarium Lights

We have multiple lines of aquarium products:
1)High End Finished Products
2)Entry Level Finished Products
3)DIY Parts and Semi Finished products.

We install industrial grade lighting for public aquariums, LFS, theme restaurant as well as individual larger system. We are experience to design control system using reef controller’s old technology of 0-10V dimming or the new DMX for full control with computer or dedicated lighting controller. Please take a look at our gallery of some of the products. Our product line covers from refugium light to full fledged coral growing main light. We have special designed lighting for FW fish only such as GOLDEN Arowanda to planted tanks.

Finished Products
Our Finished products include some tank specific items such as the Edge Saviors and some other generic lights such as the PAR38 LEDs Spot. Most lights have compatible hanging kits and or mounting legs.

For Larger System:
Revolution base fixtures, Double AI Fixture, Grand Slam Bars, E3G Fixtures, E4G Series

For Nano and Pico:
Edge Savior, PAR38, MR16, Fuge Light, Spectral Dash

Additional Supplemental Lighting:
Grand Slam, Revolution Series, PAR 38, MR16

Product Highlight:

-Edge Savior
Edge Savior Par Data

It is the ONLY solution for Fluval Edge keeping the stock elegant clean look and yet have enough PAR to grow corals and plants.
Edge 12W  Remote Dimmable Blue  n White IMG_2127

-Spectral Dash
Spectral Dash Gallery
Please excuse me for some of the pics in this gallery being Edge Saviors. I am trying to learn how to organize them into separate albums soon and update it.

Par Data

It’s the latest LED technology for aquarium with full color ability on demand. It is perfect for planted tank and also can act as a supplemental lighting to any reef lights especially to supplement those blue/white only led fixtures.

-PAR Bulbs
Most PAR bulbs are offered in PAR38 format and they provide an easy way of light source using standard USA light socket (E26/E27). We have designed versions of them to fulfill the need of different applications such as reef, planted tank, hydroponics and more:
PAR  Reef>

PAR Reef
PAR TriBand Remote
PAR Perfect Spectrum
PAR Ultra White
PAR Planted Tank
PAR Full Color Remote

DIY parts and more Finished Products

We carry a complete line of parts and semi finished products to allow you to complete your light the way you want it. From adhesive to fixture, we have them all. Please check out our DIY section